How to develop a habit of reading


There are times where we all want to start reading books but due to some reason or another we fail. We all know the benefits of reading books yet somehow we don’t read enough books every day.

So today I am going to give you certain tips which will definitely help you to help read books with concentration.

  1. Set goals

Now we all already know this. There are times when we set goals to read 1 book per month but you should make small goals like 25 pages a day and make it a task to complete it no matter what, because then you won’t be able to defer it.

  1. Read early in the morning


Reading early in the morning is the best thing you can do and preferably after a workout. That’s because your concentration significantly improves after exercise and it also help to understand things better.


  1. Make the process enjoyable


Now most people stop reading books is because they don’t find the process enjoyable. Now, there are two types of rewards, one we get in the end and one we get during the process. You got to put rewards in between reading so as to make the process of reading more enjoyable, like doing something you really like after reading a chapter or a number of pages.


  1. Eliminate distractions


One another reason many people fail to develop the habit of reading is because we have a lot of distraction in our lives. One major being Smartphone. Earlier people used to read a lot because there were no Smartphone. All we need to do is when we sit down to read our book, just keep your Smartphone, laptop and any other distraction in another room. Just have you book on your table.


  1. Externalize your motivation


One thing you can do is become answerable to someone which create a sense that people will look down to you if you fail. For example, you can ask a friend to make sure that you completes your daily goals and can decide a punishment if you do not.


  1. Start small


Most people do the mistake of picking up difficult books in the starting which you won’t be able to read for a long time and then they decide that reading is not for them. Instead start with short stories or some easy books.


7.Find you favorite genre.


Its not necessary that you have to read each and every books but you should pick up your favorite genre and read only those. Most probably you favorite genre in movies will be your favorite genre in books too. So just pick those up and you will enjoy reading.


I hope that these tips will help you a lot.

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Happy Reading….